Café Wachau Krems


International ships and cruisers pass by on the Danube. The view to the boats is provided by a huge window. You can find the traditional Vienna Coffee House Café Wachau in Krems at the Steiner- Danube landing. The quality connotation of the legendary Vienna Coffee House is noticeable here:

Comfortable as a living room, homely and a comfortable haven. People come here to spend their time to read the newspaper, browse the internet (WLAN) or enjoy our coffee specialities. On warm days you can enjoy the ‚Schanigarten’.

People from Krems love to come here to meet someone at the bar which is given for granted...

Opening hours:
daily. 7:00 bis 2:00
Fr., Sa.: 7:00 bis 3:00

Café Wachau
Donaulände 70
3504 Krems / Stein, Austria
Tel: +43 664/ 884 69 103

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