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The Vienna Coffee House is a speciality of Austria’s culture. The original charm of the traditional old Viennese Coffee House is preserved.

What makes this Viennese Coffee House so fabulous? – It has ever been a place for cultural and social exchange. To some guests it appears as an extension of their living room, for others it is the nicest work place. Writers, artists, scientists and politicians have always had their coffee houses which became their preferred living environment and work place.

The Vienna Coffee House has turned into a paragon of „quality of living“ in the whole of Europe. The cafe has perserved this unique atmopshere: not only does one drink coffee and enjoy delicious pastries, but comes along to read the newspaper, have a chat or game, or simply to relax and be on his own.

The Vienna Coffee House serves another need of the people as it is seen as an institution, a quality connotation– a place to meet, to enjoy yourself, to relax, to have time in a pleasant atmosphere.

Formerly people met in cafes to relax and smoke. Today, elegantly designed room dividers and ventilation systems ensure comfort for smokers and non-smokers.

Our service team is there for you seven days a week all year round in Melk, Grein, Loosdorf, Krems and St. Pölten.